Interview with Hedängen’s Kennel for Svenskt Jakt magazine

In September 2018, we interviewed our ambassadors Ingrid and Tomas Olofsson from Hedängen’s Kennel for the magazine Svenskt Jakt. Read the interview here. Read the interview here.

Hedängen’s Kennel has always raised the bar and shown determination when it comes to dogs and breeding.

– Our goal with breeding is to produce healthy dogs who have the best hunting skills that their breed is intended for. An important aspect is nutrition. We do not feed our dogs with anything other than Bozita Robur, A complete food that I highly recommend.

The interest for dogs and hunting is growing. At the same time, the association grew and hunting opportunities increased. But there was a bird hunt in the mountains with a German pointer who changed the direction of hunting.

The owner wanted to breed the dog.

– We wanted to raise the level a notch higher so we bought two bitches, says Ingrid Olofsson.

It was Lindinanarnas Daisy (German wire-haired pointer) and Rotuas G-Tindra (small münsterländer) that were selected for Hedängens Kennel in 2000. – Those two bitches were good stock and we had invaluable help from other breeders on how to turn them into great hunting dogs. This meant that we could raise the level of training which in turn lead to more successful hunting. When we sold the puppies we could in turn help and advise the new owners. In addition to regular puppy meetings, we also carried out full check-ups. We also offer advice on obedience, hunting, retrieval and nutrition – no question is too small.

When it comes to nutrition, they are strong advocates of Bozita Robur. The food they have selected for their dogs for many years.

– The food is grain-free with fresh chicken, well-balanced with protein and fats. There are types to suit every dog and its lifestyle, and even for the most fussy eaters. The best thing is it’s made in Sweden so its carbon footprint is low.

Hunting is a lifestyle for the owners of Hedängens Kennel, with hunts carried out at home in Västergötland and in the mountains.

– The absolute best thing about this breed is we are spoilt with such a wide variety of hunts, says Ingrid.

This year, both Ingrid and Tomas have had the privilege of leading hunting champions in both German wire-haired pointers and small münsterländers.

Tomas is also a qualified judge within the Swedish Pointer Club for hunts in the mountain, field and forest.

Hedängen’s Kennel and its owners Ingrid and Tomas Olofsson choose Bozita Robur to feed Landinarnas Daisy and Snöyrans Glimra.

This autumn will show what 2.5yr old Glimra can deliver, the dog that won Münsterländer of the Year 2017.

– Snöyrans Glimra is one of the best dogs we have had, and her qualities mean that she will continue to deliver good results for a long time.

To give her the best possible chance of success, Glimra has been fed on Bozita Robur since she was a puppy, and there is always a pack of wet food in her owner’s rucksack for an energy boost.

– Nutrition is crucial to strength and performance. Our dogs are the best in the world, which is why we chose Bozita Robur many years ago, says Ingrid Olofsson from Hedängen’s Kennel.



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