Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is for Bozita to be equally great for animals and environment.

We’ve created a compass to make it easy for you to find products that are as good for your pet as they are for our environment. It contains the five things that makes Bozita’s products unbeatable; high quality nutritious food produced in Sweden by first class, natural ingredients without any unnecessary additives. 100 % quality. 100 % guaranteed taste. Just as good for your pet as for the world we live in.

Made in Sweden

Our kitchen in Vårgårda operates in harmony with nature, and our production has been food certified for a long time.

Pet owners can trust that our products are safe for your pet. The food is prepared under good conditions – using ingredients from Swedish producers wherever possible. That means no growth hormones. No BSE or GMOs. And no unnecessary additives.


Pure Ingredients

Every pet owner knows that natural ingredients are best.

That’s why we take such care to use the best raw ingredients, fresh from Swedish sources. It guarantees world-class animal husbandry with strict animal protection laws and regulations.


Sustainable At Heart

We aren’t in this for a quick buck.

We built our business on lasting relationships – and that extends to our relationship with the natural world. Our kitchens are run on 100% renewable energy, all waste is turned into biogas, and we use environmentally certified transport.


Wholesome Nutrition

Proper nutrition is vital to our wellbeing, and the same is true for animals.

Our recipes are developed by nutritionists who specialize in dogs and cats. So you can be sure your furry friend gets the right protein, fat, minerals and vitamins – all in the right proportions.


Respect For Animals

We understand how precious animals are: our business couldn’t exist without them.

That’s why we use ingredients from the Swedish wilderness in our products, and work with producers who share our philosophy. To ensure everything we do protects the dignity of animals and gives them the nutrition they need.


Discover Our Products

Swedish Natural Quality is about more than food in the bowl. It informs every part of our process, from the ingredients we use to the kitchen we cook in.

After more than a century, we learnt that how we make our cat and dog find is just as important as how it tastes. Using natural ingredients and manufacturing methods carefully refined through decades of loving labour, we produce cat and dog food which truly reflects the Swedish wilderness – and that is why we call it Swedish Natural Quality.