Respect For Animals

We understand how precious animals are. Our business couldn’t exist without them.

That’s why we use ingredients from the Swedish wilderness in our products. Sometimes we need to adjust the amount of a specific ingredient for showing respect for the nature.

We had to cover this cat´s eyes…

… so you can focus of what´s important. Respect for animals, for example.

Thats why we use ingredients from the Swedish wilderness such as wild elk and free grazing reindeers from Laplandia in our pet food, and work with producers who share our philosophy. That means larger living space and constant access to bedding.

To ensure everything we do protects the dignity of animals and gives them the nutrition they need. We understand how valuable all animals are, and Bozita wouldn’t exist without them.


We believe every person involved in production should share the same values.

From the farmers we source ingredients from to the ambassadors who support our brand, we have built a value chain that reflects our love of animals. That means everything we do is driven by passion – and we hold ourselves to very high standards.

Made in Sweden


Respect isn’t just about caring – it’s about learning. That’s why we’ve put together detailed resources to help dog and cat owners understand their pets. From how to make sure they’re healthy to ways to stimulate them. So you can treat your furry friend better and ensure they develop properly.

Elk in the forest

Our beloved elks

Elk is truly wild, roaming freely in the Swedish wilderness. The meat that we use comes from highly regulated, selective hunting practices aiming at maintaining a healthy Elk population. That is why the availability of meat can change from time to time.

Today, we need to reduce its content on some products because the current availability is lower. We will restore the content of Elk to its original level as soon as the conditions allow – we are committed to both provide your pet with tasty, high quality nutrition, and to to preserve the Elk specie for the future.


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Swedish Natural Quality is about more than food in the bowl. It informs every part of our process, from the ingredients we use to the kitchen we cook in.

After more than a century, we learnt that how we make our cat and dog find is just as important as how it tastes. Using natural ingredients and manufacturing methods carefully refined through decades of loving labour, we produce cat and dog food which truly reflects the Swedish wilderness – and that is why we call it Swedish Natural Quality.