What should dogs eat? A good dog food should be balanced and contain everything your dog needs.

Healthy pet food should contain protein, fat, minerals and vitamins in the correct proportions. What dogs should eat, and how much, is also determined by their breed, size, age and activity level. There are special feeds that are adapted for puppies, pregnant and lactating bitches, young dogs, adult dogs and old dogs. Your dog’s health also determines what it should eat. Does your dog have a sensitive stomach or need specially adapted food? InBozita’s dog food range you can filter products to see the ones that suit your dog.

Changing from puppy food to adult food

When should you change to dog food?
​When the dog has reached its full height and weight as an adult it is time to change from puppy food to grown up food. Make the change gradually so you don’t upset your dog’s digestion. How much should a puppy eat and what’s the best food? How do I choose the best food for my puppy? How often should my puppy eat? These are some of the many questions dog owners ask themselves. A growing puppy should have a diet that’s specially adapted to their stage of development. That’s what makes a suitable dog food. With balanced meals in the right amounts, you can be sure your puppy’s getting everything it needs to grow and live healthily.

Food for pregnant and lactating bitches.

Dog owners often focus on puppy food so their puppies can thrive and grow into healthy dogs. But food for pregnant bitches is just as important. Dog owners need to make sure that the bitch gets the right food and is the correct weight when mating, during pregnancy and during lactation. A healthy bitch produces healthy puppies. What’s the best food for a pregnant bitch?

Dog food for sensitive stomachs.

Dog can have sensitive stomachs just like humans. If the dog has a sensitive stomach, it is important that it is given the right food for a well-balanced stomach and be able to absorb the nutrients effectively to stay healthy and fit. A stomach that is unbalanced for a long period of time can lead to other symptoms and problems. This is because the immune system decreases if your dog has an unbalanced stomach.

Grain-free dog food – all you need to know

As humans are becoming more and more aware of what we eat, we’re also giving the same consideration to our dogs and what food we give them. The demand for high-quality dog food has increased recently. Why should I give it to my dog, what are the benefits and what should I consider? Bozita’s nutritionist Cecilia Hjelm explains the concepts. Cecilia is our product developer with specialist nutrition knowledge and is qualified in pet agronomy. She is very interested in dogs and has deep knowledge of their needs for various nutrients, ingredients and the legal requirements. Cecilia knows the best way to feed your dog.

What dogs shouldn’t eat

Dogs should be fed dog food adapted to their needs and lifestyle. But your dog might develop a taste of your food or basic kitchen ingredients from time to time. Some foods can make your dog sick and some are poisonous to dogs. That’s why it’s important to be careful about what your dogs eat and understand what is harmful. Our expert nutritionist, Cecilia Hjelm, is qualified in pet agronomy with specialist knowledge in food and eating habits and can help you understand more.

What your dog should eat and how much to give them per day

A healthy and well-balanced dog food is important for your dog to feel good. Just like humans, dogs need a well-balanced diet and it is important that they get all the nutrients they need at different stages in life.