Buying a dog

Are you thinking about getting a dog or puppy? Think about the decision to buy a dog carefully and read about how to best take care of your dog.

Are you prepared to take responsibility for your dog for many years to come and do you have the time and finances to buy and raise a small puppy? If the answer is yes a wonderful journey awaits you. Prepare properly before getting a dog. Make sure you choose a dog breed that suits you and your lifestyle. This makes sure that you and your dog get the best possible start together.

Different dog breeds – which one should I choose?

Are you thinking about getting a puppy? Being a dog owner is just wonderful, but it’s also a big responsibility. For many years to come, you’ll have a friend by your side that relies on you to live its best life. Don’t be in a rush to decide which dog breed you want. There are lots of different dog breeds with different characteristics. Choose a dog breed carefully.