Nutrition and diet

How to change your cat’s food

You might need to change your cat or kitten food various reasons, for example, if you cat is entering a new phase of its life or has been castrated. Has your cat been diagnosed with a condition that means it needs a special kind of food? Whatever the reason for changing their food, you need to do it in the right way. Here are a few tips from our expert Åsa Löfstrand, nutritionist and pet agronomist.

What do cats eat?

Cats are carnivores by nature, so they need plenty of animal protein and animal fats in their diet to stay healthy. But that doesn’t mean that they should only eat meat. Starch is an excellent source of energy, and it works well as a complement to protein to help build and repair tissue.

The advantages of giving your cat wet food everyday

Some cat owners dislike giving their cat wet food because it can be messy and annoying that the opened package must be kept refrigerated. There are, however, lots of advantages to wet food. For a start, it’s delicious!

What do I do if my cat won’t eat or drink?

If your kitten or adult cat isn’t eating or drinking enough, you need to track down the cause of this loss of appetite. It is essential to find out if the problem is not wanting to eat, or not being able to eat.

Good kitten food = specially designed food

Nutritional food is essential for a healthy cat, especially growing kittens as they require more energy than adult cats. That’s why it’s important to give your kitten meals that are specially formulated to meet the active needs of their growing bodies. With our food you know you are giving your kitten everything they need.