Made in Sweden

Our kitchen in Vårgårda operates in harmony with nature, and our production has been food certified for a long time.

This means that pet owners can trust that our products do not contain anything harmful to cats or dogs and that the food is prepared under good conditions. First and foremost, we love pets and every day dogs and cats come to our offices and inspire us to provide the very best and tasty nutrition.

Sommarbild utanför Bozitas hund- och kattmatsfabrik

Vårgårda since 1903

We all believe that our pets deserve the best. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to producing pet food that not only nourishes but also aligns with our values of sustainability. Our pet food is crafted in Vårgårda, one of the oldest and most esteemed pet food factories in Europe, with a legacy dating back to 1903. This longstanding commitment to quality ensures that every product is of the highest standard.

We’re proud to support local Swedish farmers and suppliers whenever possible. This not only fosters community but also significantly reduces transport miles.

Why Sweden?

There is nowhere quite like Sweden. The country is rich in wildlife, with a unique fauna alongside exceptionally clean air and water. By producing our food here, we are able to capture some of that essence. We like to think your pet can even taste it.

In Sweden we follow the EU legislation and the well-being of animals is a top priority. Since 1986, Sweden has been a leader in prohibiting the preventative use of antibiotics in animal farming. We believe that every animal deserves room to roam. That’s why we provide larger living spaces and constant access to bedding and living animals are never transported for more than 8 hours.


Discover Our Products

Dog and catfood from Bozita

Swedish Natural Quality is about more than food in the bowl. It informs every part of our process, from the ingredients we use to the kitchen we cook in.

After more than a century, we learnt that how we make our cat and dog find is just as important as how it tastes. Using natural ingredients sourced from world-renowned Swedish farmers and manufacturing methods carefully refined through decades of loving labour, we produce cat and dog food which truly reflects the Swedish wilderness – and that is why we call it Swedish Natural Quality.