Why Bozita

About Bozita

We are a small company from Vårgårda which has produced cat and dog food since 1903. We want to do things in the simplest and most natural way.


We formulate our cat- and dog food with high quality ingredients and with no unnecessary additives.


One day in the middle of the 19th century, a young man from Gothenburg maned Aron Heyman disembarked from a train in Vårgårda. In this fertile region, he used the knowledge he’d gained earlier in Scotland to prepare steamed porridge from unwanted grain and in 1903, presented our very first dog food “Vårgårda Hundmjöl”.

Today, Doggy AB is the largest producer of cat and dog food in Sweden with more than a century’s experience in formulating pet food.


Our factory is set in West Sweden’s beautiful agricultural region, Vårgårda, and produces both wet and dry food. Here – as in the rest of Sweden we follow EU legislation that means no growth hormones and no BSE.


At Doggy AB we work constantly with product development. We do this in order to positively shape and lead the development of our industry. Product development means not only the refinement of existing products, but also crucially the creation of new ones.


Do you love cats and dogs? Do you want to work in an innovative environment where quality and sustainability come first? Then perhaps we have just the job for you!

See our vacant positions at jobb.doggy.se


For breeders

If you are a cat or dog breeder with at least one kitten/puppy every three years, you can become a member of our club, Bozita Breeder’s Club.

Bozita Breeders Club

Our goal is to produce the very best dog and cat food, with a focus on sustainability, the environment and our shared future.

Sustainable – for animals and nature
Taste guarantee

With our taste guarantee, you get your money back if your dog or cat doesn’t like our food.

Taste guarantee

Many of our wet foods come in Tetra Recart – a climate-smart packaging which can be recycled alongside other paper and cardboard.

Tetra Recart® – climate smart packaging for wet food

This is why our ambassadors choose Bozita


Three territorial cats work at Tassalyckans Cattery to help us to taste test and develop our wet and dry and wet food for cats.

Tassalyckans Cattery