Climate smart

Tetra Recart® – climate smart packaging for wet food

Make the right choice for cats, dogs and the environment. Bozita’s natural wet food served in smart Tetra Recart® a cardboard-based, environmentally friendly packaging with similar properties to a traditional can.

  • Swedish high-quality food for cats and dogs in smart packaging
  • Good for the environment and for your cat or dog
  • Keeps both food and fridge fresh
  • Easy to open, reseal and recycle

Packaging is easy to open and reseal. An open package of Bozita’s wet food in Tetra Recart® keeps for at least two days if stored in the fridge. Once empty, the packaging is easy to rinse out, fold and recycle with your other paper packaging.


Tetra Recart®is an environmentally friendly choice. The FSC® label (Forest Stewardship Council® guarantees fewer trees are cut down that what the forest can reproduce, that plants and animals are protected and that forest employees are paid a fair wage. The label indicates that the producer takes their environmental responsibilities seriously, and when you by the FSC® label, you are doing the environment a favour. Tetra Pak is working towards increasing their use of FSC®-labelled packaging.


  1. Reduced carbon footprint – 81% smaller carbon footprint than a glass jar or can.
  2. Packaging which “grows back” – at least 67% of the material in our Tetra Recart® packaging is made from renewable sources.
  3. Forestry which looks to the future – all cardboard in the Tertra Recart® comes from FSC®-certified forests and other regulated sources.
  4. Fewer lorries on the road – Tetra Recart® is packaged and transported efficiently thanks to its rectangular shape and low weight,
  5. A new life for packaging – Tetra Recart® cardboard packaging can be recycled into something new.

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* Life Cycle Assessment of food packaging, Europe 2017.
**Carton CO2 Calculator certified by the Carbon Trust.