Your dog’s health

As a dog owner, the health and wellbeing of you pet is all important, so that they can have a long, active and full life. Look after your dog’s health by keeping up to date on vaccination, deworming and dental care.

This, along with lots of love and care and a high quality dog food that’s tailored to your dog’s needs, will help your pet have a long and active life.

Tartar in dogs – Your dog’s teeth

The dog’s final set of teeth grows when it’s around four months old, and will last them a lifetime. To maintain good oral health, avoid tartar in your dog and prevent other problems, the best method is to brush your dog’s teeth regularly. Also check the dog’s teeth, bite and mouth at regular intervals. Dogs often show little or no symptoms of teeth and mouth problems, so issues can be difficult to detect.

Vaccinating dogs and puppies

By vaccinating your dog, you prevent unnecessary illnesses and limit their spread. A puppy is usually vaccinated just before it is collected from the breeder, but after that, it’s the new owner’s responsibility to vaccinate his or her dog. For show and competition dogs, there are special rules that must be followed for the dog to participate, and if you want to travel abroad with your dog, you must find out what rules apply when entering and leaving.

Mushroom poisoning in dogs – Watch out for mushrooms in the forest

According to Agria animal insurance, at least fifty dogs suffer from mushroom poisoning every year in Sweden. The symptoms are usually both mild and short-lived, but in some cases the poisoning can lead to death.

Backpacks for dogs on hikes

A good backpack is a great investment for the hiking dog owner. A backpack can be an easy and comfortable way to carry a small dog or puppy when you’re on a longer trek. Small puppies get tired quickly. It’s a good idea to let smaller dogs or puppies ride in a backpack when the walk becomes too tiring.

Snake bites – This is how to protect yourself and your dog

Are you aware of the risks of snake bites for your dog, and do you know how to protect yourself and your dog from snakes? Every year, dogs die from adder bites in Sweden. Watch out for warm rocks, tall grass, piles of leaves and other nooks and crannies – and keep in mind that a bitten dog needs to see a vet immediately.

Heat stroke – Keeping your dog cool in summer

When spring arrives we all enjoy the sunnier weather and warmth, especially dogs. But a dogs’ method of regulating their temperature is a little different from ours and is not as effective. As a result, they’re more easily affected by heat stroke, which can be a life-threatening condition for them. Here are some tips to help you keep your dog cool.

Deworming dogs and puppies

Deciding to deworm your dog depends on how old they are, what they do and if it’s showing any symptoms of having a worm. Puppies and nursing bitches, for example, should be dewormed regularly. As for adult dogs, however, the old practice of deworming “just in case” has been abandoned. This is to reduce the risk of worms developing resistance that makes deworming drugs ineffective. Instead, if your dog is suspected of having a worm, a sample is taken and the dog is treated for the type of worm that it has – e.g. roundworm or tapeworm. If you’re travelling abroad with your dog, you must check the rules that apply to both entry into the destination country and re-entry to Sweden.

Blue-green algae and dogs – This is what you need to know

With summer comes (hopefully) fine weather. There is nothing better than taking a cooling bath in one of Sweden’s 100,000 lakes or even the sea, after a warm day of activities… What do you need to consider before jumping in? During the high summer and autumn, it’s good to keep up to date on algae bloom forecasts and check and double check the water before letting your dog swim. Blue-green algae and dogs don’t mix, as algae blooms can poison them.