Why Bozita

Tassalyckan Cat Home

Doggy AB has its own cat home, Tassalyckan, which started in 1992. Around thirty cats work here as product developers.

The cats come from different backgrounds and at Tassalyckans Cat home they have a lovely place to live and a good job.


The cats work as connoisseurs on Doggy AB’s taste test panel and help to produce Sweden’s best cat food. Twice a day, they are served nutritional cat food carefully made with the best Swedish ingredients. Food that the cats smell, taste and judge. What and how much they eat is studied and documented to be later evaluated. The cats judge both wet and dry food.


Each cat at Tassalyckan has its own little red and white cottage They live here in peace and harmony, each with their own little cottage. They have a lovely, large lawn and lots of things to climb and places to hide in when they are not working.

About Bozita

We have prepared cat and dog food for over 100 years! All our pet food is produced in Vårgårda using the highest quality ingredients.

About Bozita
For breeders

If you are a cat or dog breeder with at least one kitten/puppy every three years, you can become a member of our club, Bozita Breeder’s Club.

Bozita Breeders Club

Our goal is to produce the very best dog and cat food, with a focus on sustainability, the environment and our shared future.

Sustainability – for animals and for nature.
Taste guarantee

With our taste guarantee, you get your money back if your dog or cat doesn’t like our food.

Taste guarantee

Many of our wet foods come in Tetra Recart – a climate-smart packaging which can be recycled alongside paper and cardboard.

Tetra Recart® – climate smart packaging for wet food

This is why our ambassadors choose Bozita